Gardening Australia featured Hobo Gro on the program for the 20th May 2017 show –  for a segment called Waste Not, Want Not,

Costa Georgiadis, who has helped out Hobo Gro on several projects, came down to shoot the show at the Addison Road Community Centre where we have our main setup.

And you can now watch the full episode on iView
Gardening Australia – Series 28 Ep 12

Our segment is “Waste Not, Want Not  (Date: 20/05/2017)
Costa is at the Addison Rd Community Centre in Marrickville Sydney to find out how some local organisations are fighting the War on Waste!”

Costa Georgiadis from Gardening Australia helping out Hobo Gro with the Community Garden for the Salvation Army, Redfern.
Costa donated seedlings to plant out our boxes.

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