To produce vertical wallgardens using community composted compost, we follow these steps:
– Organic kitchen waste is picked up from local cafes
– Coffee bean husks are collected from local coffee roastery
– Local households contribute their kitchen organics
– We use Aerobins, suitable for an urban environment as they are off the ground. They produce hot aerobic compost and compost liquid fertiliser as a by-product if they are turned regularly.
– The soil in the vertical wallgardens is made from 50% compost, 30% peat moss and 20% coarse river sand.
– Each compost bin requires on average fours hours a week to maintain, this includes the collection of compost, regular turning and emptying.
– The total cost of the labour is $3.20 per litre of compost.
– Each of the vertical gardens uses 25L of compost.

The leaflet we distributed to local households encouraging them to donate their kitchen organics to our composting bins.


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